Six free courses to take this summer

six free courses to take this summer

There’s snow falling as I write this, so it’s a little painful for me to look at my various feeds and see everyone talking about the start of summer. I miss sunshine, you guys! That said, as much as I love getting out in the sun, one of my favourite parts of summer is picking up a slushie at the corner store and coming home to drink my liquid sugar and write until the sun comes up.

This summer I’m planning on doing a bunch of free online courses during my slushie downtime — they’re free, and why not? During my first couple of years at university, the guy at the registrar’s office knew me by name because I was in at least once every week or two to change my major or minor. There’s just too much stuff I love learning about, and luckily these courses are out there, so I don’t have to bother the poor registrar’s office guy again.

Here’s what I’m currently signed up for:

Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds – Because when I was around seven, I got weirdly obsessed with maritime archaeology, and it’s always something I can’t get enough of. (No, seriously, I used to work in a museum that had some items recovered from a shipwreck in its collection, and I was always bummed out that no one was excited as I was about old silverware.)

Introduction to Dutch – Because I love languages and I’ve never tried Dutch.

Introduction to Forensic Science – Confession time: I started this one before, loved it — the case studies were amazing. And then I ran out of spare time and never finished it. I’m hoping to make up for that this time around!

User Innovation: A Path to Entrepreneurship – Because business courses that focus on creative thinking and problem-solving are fantastic.

Introduction to Basic German Language Skills – Because hey, one language just isn’t enough! I took a short German course as a kid and, inexplicably, the one and only sentence I remember is “meine Jacke ist hellblau und dunkelblau,” which is remarkably unhelpful. If nothing else, I’m at least going to learn how to tell people the colour of my current Jacke.

Begin Robotics – The course description lured me in — the way to my heart is through robot history, apparently, and maybe also the promise of getting to test drive a robot.

If you’ve got any links to awesome courses I can add to my list, I’d love to see them!