Monday morning mixes, #3: true patriot love (& lalalalala)

It’s not a Monday, but it is Canada Day, so here’s 17 fantastic songs by Canadian artists for you to listen to while you enjoy all that maple syrup and poutine. (Not together. Probably. Now that I’ve said that, you know I’ve got to make it.)

true patriot love - a canada day mix

listen on spotify

hunter valentine – break this | jully black – seven day fool | k-os – sunday morning | tegan and sara – now i’m all messed up | joel plaskett – true patriot love | fefe dobson – ghost | hey rosetta! – another pilot | land of talk – speak to me bones | buck 65 – kennedy killed the hat | cadence weapon – real estate | the trews – hold me in your arms | hawksley workman – smoke baby | stars – the north | broken social scene – anthems for a seventeen year old girl | wolf parade – you are a runner and i am my father’s son | mother mother – oleander | brasstronaut – requiem for a scene

Ears hungry for something else? Take a look through the mix tag!


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