Accidental blog hiatus, what’s up?

It’s not like I meant to disappear off the face of the universe for a month, but I looked at my neat little schedule of posts and went THIS IS ALL GARBAGE. So I stepped back for a few days, looked at it all again, and nope, still garbage.

I’ve kept an eye on my page views over these past few weeks and the posts that are still getting hits are, probably not coincidentally, the posts I was excited to write and that actually contained useful information. So from here on out: more of that!

I’ve decided to take up the “post every day in July” challenge that I saw a lot last year, so I’ll be back with new content then — I’m starting prep for two cons in August and an event or two in September, and I think that documenting the whole OH SHIT GOTTA MAKE STUFF process will be fun, and potentially useful for those of you who also have events coming up.

See you in a few days!


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