Monday morning mixes #1: Atreus

Grooveshark is gone, at least as it was, and to tell you the truth I’m a little glad. While I had a lot of playlists there from a few years back, I’d recently become uncomfortable with having used the service, since it just seemed shadier and shadier.

Now that it’s gone, I’m rebuilding my playlist library on Spotify. I’ll be posting one here once a week, every Monday morning, for you to enjoy as you start your week (or if you’re further ahead in time than I am, as you power through and then wind down from the daily grind!)


listen on spotify

kings of leon – closer | pj harvey – down by the water | hole – use once and destroy | placebo – post blue | florence + the machine – seven devils | brand new – bed | the xx – insects | hey rosetta! – red song | sohodolls – the rest for the wicked | kidneythieves – the invisible plan | buck 65 – devil’s eyes | karen elson – the truth is in the dirt | my chemical romance – house of wolves

I did this one as part of a project for a classics course I took a few years ago, focusing on the portrayal of mythology and ancient history in film. I plotted out three movies based on the myths and plays relating to the House of Atreus, which — to briefly summarize — is deliciously fucked up, and contains some of my favourite elements of horror (namely: family curses, divination, and inescapable prophecy). I’m currently reworking my old project into something new, so I’ve been listening to this playlist a lot lately. It’s an angry, eerie, visceral little mix — next Monday I’ll have something a little softer for you, so if that’s more up your alley, hold tight!


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